One day, the pen wondered if the paper remembered the tree it had been made from...

Artist and woodturner Cat Castells makes each of these pens and other implements in her studio in Bucks County, PA. Just as no two trees are alike, each is unique and a tribute to the beauty of the natural wood. She uses high-quality hardware and carefully chooses finishes which will complement the material used in turning the pen. The wood is finely finished by hand and then sealed with carnauba wax for durability and beauty so it feels amazing in the hand.

In addition to working in wood, she occassionally turns acrylic and other materials. The raw material must be compelling to her for her to work in it, so these pieces are few and far between.

Writing is almost a lost art in this time of texting, email and twitter. Reclaim it and make your letters a work of art with one of these works of art.

Remind your paper of the tree it came from today.